300mg Of Antioxidants In Each Serving.    USDA Certified Organic.    Diabetic Friendly.    Keto Friendly.

About Amica Tea

Amica tea was founded by US Army Veteran Jim Johnson

Our Journey To Bring You The Best Quality Green Teas From China

We owe a great debt of gratitude to the founder of Amica Tea, Jim Johnson. Amica tea has grown because of the preparatory ingenuity of Jeff and the team that he met and developed.

Jim's aim was to bring the many benefits of pure organic green tea to the whole of the USA. One of the issues was that people in The USA wanted a way to consume green tea, on-the-go. Brewing green tea can be time consuming, and for many time starved busy Americans, this was an issue that prevented many from trying green tea.

So Jim and his team set about creating a green tea that was pre-brewed and ready to drink, this involved picking organic green tea at the peak of harvest, so that the product was at its best when harvested, then came the brewing process, a process that involved brewing in natural spring water, and then concentrating the green tea.

Jim came up with a fantastic idea, concentrate the tea organically, and then present it in a sealed packet that simply needed to be added to hot or cold water.

Jim realized that he could produce a high quality green tea concentrate that would provide the natural goodness of up to 14 cups of the best selling green tea bags, in one handy packet.

This is how the concept of Amica Green Tea Packets came to be, it was a fantastic brewing process and packaging that made it simple and easy for busy Americans to start to enjoy the health benefits of pure organic green tea from the Wuyi mountains of China.

During Jim Johnson’s multitude of business trips to China, he observed its  citizens extensive daily consumption of green tea. Many of Johnson’s colleagues  conveyed green tea’s history along with green tea’s continuing record of its antioxidants (EGCGs) fighting free radicals, bacteria, and virus that can cause disease. 

In addition to reviewing medical and academic findings, Johnson personally  met and talked with Chinese tea experts. The successful inventor (5 USPTO-  granted patents) began to wonder how green tea’s wellness properties might have helped his Philadelphia-based family.
Within that previous decade, Johnson’s mother, father, and seven brothers had all died due to complications from diabetes, 
obesity, and cancer.

Johnson became intensely passionate about producing and distributing a  green tea beverage in the USA to help American families with their quest for wellness.

He realized he needed to overcome two major negative concepts that Americans had about green tea 1) green tea tasted “grassy” and 2) green tea was complicated to brew. 

As a U.S. Army disabled Vietnam Veteran, Johnson knows how to  overcome a challenge. His first step was to assess and assemble a group of Chinese  tea ranchers growing USDA Certified Organic tea. Then, Johnson began working shoulder-to-shoulder with Chinese tea experts to develop a brewing process that maintains a high count of antioxidants in the brewed green tea.

Finally, he developed Amica Green Tea’s great-tasting flavor profile – now enjoyed by many including “Sweet-Tea Lovers”. Overcoming the hurdles, Johnson was first-to-the American marketplace with a unique and convenient packaging concept of pre- 
brewed liquid green tea in a single-serving packet.

Amica Tea’s CEO, David Stone, recently recovered from COVID-19.  Along with a loss of his sense of smell and taste, Stone self-described his bout with the virus as “feeling a little unwell”. Stone said, “I related to Jim that I firmly believe that drinking Amica Green Tea before and throughout my encounter with the novel corona virus helped me to stay as healthy as possible and to quickly 

Stone continued, “I often tell Johnson that he is “quiet by nature but a  wealth of knowledge and wisdom”. Working with Jim has been exciting and educational. Johnson has channelled his inventor’s skill-set and entrepreneurial energy to produce an anti-oxidant rich great-tasting green tea”. 

Jim Johnson, Clay Rivers and the entire I.E. Green Tea team are honored and excited  to offer Amica Green Tea to you and your family to help achieve your wellness quest and to enjoy a great-tasting pre-brewed green tea hot! cold! or mixed into oatmeal, smoothies, and yogurt.

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Premium Organic Green Tea Liquid Packets

Amica green tea is a pure organic green tea available in caffeinated or decaffeinated varieties. Our proprietary decaffeination process takes nothing out of the tea but caffeine, producing a decaf green tea that retains all of the minerals, vitamins & antioxidants of natural organic green tea.
Our Green Tea is available in 100% organic green tea flavors, Original Pure, Lemon, Peach and Raspberry Green Tea. All of our citrus green tea flavors are made from pure organic fruit extract slightly sweetened with natural stevia, our tea contains no calories and no sugars, it is pre-brewed concentrated green tea that is a high antioxidant tea suitable for diabetics, vegetarians, vegans and keto or paleo diets.
Our tea is also gluten free, zero calorie, halal and kosher friendly. Put simply - pure organic green tea packets sealed at the peak of freshness and brewed with only natural spring water, this produces the most pure organic green tea available today.

Amica green tea is certified organic by the United States Department Of Agriculture National Organic Program (USDA Certified)
IE Green Tea

Amica Tea is pure organic green tea freshly sealed in handy packets for a high energy, high antioxidant instant green tea experience in original, lemon, peach and raspberry totally organic flavors.

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I love this product. I got one of each flavor and I cant even tell you which one is my favorite. I highly recommend you give it a try. I take it back, I think peach is my favorite! 
"Mike B" on Feb 04, 2020

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